09.00am :

Meet with your private guide in the Vatican area to start an unforgettable journey. One of the most exciting and difficult things regarding history is to separate fact from fiction. History often hands down the story of the winners while many other true stories are lost in the folds of time. This tour follows the story of Dan Brown's exciting thriller Angels and Demons and stops at each of the key sites in the book, on a bewildering journey from the partical accelerators of the Swiss CERN labs to the mysterious inner-workings of the papal elections. Let our guides unwind the twisted strands of this complex story. Learn about the Vatican's arcane politics and the Baroque intrigues between the Papacy and the secret society of the Illuminati. Above all, experience the powerful and often propagandistic works of artistic genius that fuel the backdrop of the historical combat between the symbols of science and faith. These tours combine a fascinating blend of art, history, and political machination that bring the past to life as we unfold the tapestry of Rome through the record of its artists, clerics, scientists and nobles.

01.00pm :

End of the tour and of our service. For those who wish, a lunch in a typical Rome restaurant can be organized: you will taste the best dishes of the Italian tradition and discover the characteristic features of its cuisine.