09.30am :

Meeting with your private guide in Florence city centre. This is the best tour if you’ve never been to Florence before. It combines many of the famous highlights and some secret treasures of the 2000-year-old city. You will experience each era of Florentine history and see with your own eyes how the city developed and changed across the centuries. The tour begin inside the old city center, built atop the Roman claustrum. The streets in this neighborhood are still laid out along the lines of the ancient roads of that city. Some of the earliest churches were built using the foundations of the Roman temples, and we’ll see the modern city border, once protected by a great ring of walls. Next you will move forward in time to the 13th century, admiring how Florence, which had become a sleepy backwater, was transformed in the Middle Ages into the epicenter of world economy and art. The basilicas, Palazzo Vecchio, the Duomo, many tower houses and the Bargello prison were made to last, so you can admire the ancient art of building. The Medici dynasty and the magnificent Renaissance season come next. You will pass by famous buildings and discover a handful of masterpieces that are still in their original locations.

12.30pm :

End of the tour. For those who wish, a lunch in a typical restaurant of Florence can be organized, based on typical products such as the famous bruschetta, pappa al pomodoro, Tuscan salami and pasta….and many other specialties!!