9.00am :

Transfer from Siracusa to Modica

10.00am :

Visit at leisure of Modica, a pearl of the Sicilian Baroque art and paradise of the Italian chocolate home-made production. Do not miss Modica's Baroque churches, such as the Chiesa di Santa Maria di Betlem that hosts the famous Palatine Chapel, the Castle, the 17th century Palazzo Tomasi Rosso. Remember to enter a hand-made chocolate shop, such as the Cioccolateria Don Pugliesi and the Antica Dolceria Bonajuto, where you can taste and buy several chocolate specialties.

11.30am :

End of the tour in Modica and transfer to Noto. Lunch at leisure in Noto.

02.00pm :

Enjoy a guided walking tour of Noto, caracterized by impressive squares, grand staircases, terraces, wonderful buildings. Decorations here are massive and original: the Baroque style dominates the city streets and the churches and palaces of the city centre. Noto is so original and so well preserved that it has been defined as the perfect Baroque town, with the Cathedral, the Palazzo Ducezio with the magnificent Glass salon and the city theatre. The town streets are interrupted by scenographic squares , where Baroque decorations dominate and are linked one to the other in a harmonious unity.

04.00pm :

Transfer from Noto to a wonderful wine estate in Avola, where you will taste the famous "Nero d'Avola" in a special private wine tasting.

05.30pm :

Transfer back to Siracusa.