9.30am :

Meet you private guide in your hotel in Palermo: through the guided walking tour, you will realize how important the influence of the Arabian domination was in the city architecture, traditions and art. You will visit Palermo's main attractions: the cathedral, that was transformed in a mosque in the past and that hosts the tombs of the Norman emperors; the Royal Palace that includes some of the most beautiful examples of Arabian-Norman art; the Favorita's park, a wonderful green area, the several palaces in Baroque style, the churches with wonderful mosaics and frescos. The whole centre of Palermo is a real masterpiece, with several royal residences in addition to the Royal Palace, such as Zisa (1160) and Cuba, magnificent castles/houses used by the kings of Palermo for hunting. Similar buildings were common in northern Africa, but today these two are the only ones remaining.

12.30am :

End of the guided tour and lunch at leisure in Palermo city centre.

02.30pm :

Transfer to Monreale and visit at leisure of this magnificent centre, another interesting example of Arabian-Norman art. Focus your attention on the Cathedral, whose plan is a mixture of Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic arrangement , the Royal Palace and the monastery.

04.30pm :

End of the tour and transfer back to Palermo.