08.30am :

Private transfer from Rome or from Naples or from alternative locations to Pompei with car or minivan.

10.00am :

Meet your private guide in Pompei and begin your guided tour: the location has become famous for the tragic Vesuvio eruption in 79 a.D. The thick stratum of ashes and lapilli that covered the city until the XVIII century has well preserved religious buildings, houses, thermal centres and theatres, making Pompei one of the most important archeological areas of the world; the Gymnasium, used for sports activities; the Vetti House, a palace belonging to rich people with several frescoes; the House of the Faun, a perfect example of fusion between Italian and Greek architectural styles; the forum, the center of public life; the temple of Apollo; the brothel, with pornographic frescoes... and many other attractions

12.00pm :

End of the tour and transfer to a local restaurant where you will have lunch by tasting some of the best specialties of the Italian cuisine, such as pasta dishes, fish from the best culinary tradition, local wines and many other dishes.

02.00pm :

Transfer to Herculanum and visit of this ancient archeological site. Herculanum represents an interesting example of construction techniques of the Roman age. Differently from Pompei, it still preserves the first floors of houses, and some other precious materials. The most important buildings are the Skeleton house, the Neptun house and the Deers house, rich in painting decorations.

04.00pm :

End of the tour and private transfer to Rome or to Naples or to alternative destinations.