9.00am :

Private transfer from Naples or from alternative destinations to Caserta, seat of the famous Royal Palace (Reggia), a former royal residence builts for the Bourbon King of Naples.

10.00am :

Beginning of the guided tour in Reggia di Caserta. It was the largest palace and one of the largest buildings erected in Europe during 18th century, according to a late Baroque style that was already ending in Europe and in the imitation of Versailles. The king's primary object was to have a magnificent new royal court and administrative center for the Kingdom in a location protected from sea attack. The palace has some 1,200 rooms, including two dozen state apartments, a large library, and a theatre. Of all the royal residences inspired by the Palace of Versailles, the Reggia of Caserta is the one that bears the greatest resemblance to the original model: the unbroken balustraded skyline, the slight break provided by pavilions within the long, somewhat monotonous facade. As at Versailles, a large acqueductwas required to bring water for the prodigious water displays. A solecism at Caserta is that above the piano reale, the King's floor, is another floor of equal magnificence. The enfilades of Late Baroque saloni were the heart and seat of government, as well as displays of national wealth. The royal palace has more than 40 monumental rooms completely decorated with frescoes. The garden, a typical example of the baroque extension of formal vistas, stretch for 120 ha, partly on hilly terrain. It is inspired by the park of Versailles, but it is commonly regarded as superior in beauty. The park starts from the back façade of the palace, flanking a long alley with artificial fountains and cascades. There is even a botanical garden, called "The English Garden," in the upper part designed in the 1780s by Vanvitelli.

01.00pm :

End of the tour. Transfer from Reggia di Caserta to Caserta Vecchia, an interesting medieval town visited by several tourists for its Cathedral, its bell tower, its castle’s ruins and its well-preserved medieval streets. Have lunch in Caserta Vecchia, in one of its best pizzerias (this is the area where pizza was born), and admire the wonderful panorama that caracterizes Caserta Vecchia. After lunch, walk at leisure down the city streets.