9.30am :

Meet your private guide in your hotel in Siracusa for a FD walking tour of the town. In the first part of the tour, you will see how centuries of glorious history influenced its architecture and its monuments: you will visit both the new part of the city and the old one, caracterized by a magic atmosphere. Get enchanted by Ortigia, Siracusa's soul: you will see greek temples and christian churches, norman, Spanish and baroque palaces, courts, arabian streets, elegant palaces. Furthermore, discover the incredible story of Siracusas' cathedral, which once was a doric temple and was transformed, throughout the centuries, into a bizantine church, a norman palace, a gothic and finally a baroque religious building. Admire the legendary Aretusa's source, where the nymph Aretusa, hunted by Alpheus, took shelter.

12.30am :

Lunch on own in one restaurants located in Ortigia island, the most characteristic part of Siracusa.

02.00pm :

The tour proceeds with the guided visit of the archeological area of Siracusa, that presents one of the best preserved greek theatre in the whole world: its cavea is one of the largest ever built by the ancient Greeks. Furthermore, you will see the Roman amphitheatre, of Roman Imperial age, partly carved out from the rock; and the so-called Tomb of Archimede, a Roman tomb, in the local Nechropolis. Decorated with two Doric columns, it was a Roman tomb. Near the archeological area, you can admire the famous Dyonisus'ear, a mytical cave.

04.00pm :

End of the tour.