9.00am :

Transfer from Palermo to Agrigento, the marvellous Temples' Valley location.

11.00am :

Arrival in Agrigento and meeting with your private guide for a guided walking tour of the archeological area. The Temples' Valley is full of attractions and archeological ruins that represent capital witnesses of the glorious, ancient past of the Greek domination in Sicily. You will visit the temple of Juno, built in the 5th century BC, usually used for the celebration of weddings; the temple of Concordia, that was turned into a church in the 6th century AD, the temple of Heracles, the most ancient of the Valley; the temples of Zeus, built in the 480 BC to celebrate the city –state's victory over Carthage….and many others! The Valley is also home to the so-called Tomb of Theron, a large tuff monument of pyramidal shape; scholars suppose it was built to commemorate the Romans killed in the Second Punic War. Enjoy a three-hour visit that will help you getting in touch with the history and the art of ancient populations who established a prosperous colony in Agrigento and, in general, along the Sicilian coasts.

02.00pm :

End of the tour and time at leisure to rest and to have lunch in the Temples' Valley surroundings.

03.00pm :

Transfer back to Palermo.